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Time:05:02 pm
Whattup everyone? Im just passin the time, watchin life instead of livin it. Workin mad jobs. Shit's decently good yo.

I miss Jenny more than I've missed anyone before. And she's mad close, I could drive over to her next week once my menopausally-induced driving ban is done. But it's not about that.

Im headed down to Illadelphia this weekend to get some ink done and help drop the African debt. I wish U2 was going to be there even though Bono sold his soul to the Devil from Lombard Street. You know seeing U2 would be a religious type experience, even with the dead weight of every album since The Unforgettable Fire. They say One is the special song that brought U2 back frmo the brink of collapse, but I think with the exception of Walk On, Beautiful Day when Im feelin corny enough, and Miracle Drug, it would have been better if it ended there. When I used to listen to Miracle Drug, during the guitar solo I used to remember the long ass lines of people on Election Day who wound up gettin fucked anyway. Maybe Ohio is the Ukraine and our Yushchenko was just too big of a douche, but I suspect that the whole thing was as legit as it was dissapointing.

I think somethings gotta be wrong when even though Im the worst basketball player since Stephen Hawking I get fazed in several directions by the movie "White Men Can't Jump."

Philly should be tight though. Nico and Eli are both mad fun and I need to get out of here. If you could take Aderall for location the same way you can for schoolwork I'd blow some and save myself the 20 dollars for the CHinatown bus trip to Philly. But it dont work that way. Hahah Tom Cruise was hatin on aderall with Matt Lauer it was mad funny he called psychiatry a pseudo-science. He thinks people originated in volcanoes 70 million years ago.

Enough outta me. It's time for me to go work. I work mad these days but I'm still a huge douche bag with money. Maybe that'll improve, I started opening my bank statements instead of throwing out anything that comes with a bank return address. And the damage to my car only cost around 300 bucks so it's all good- I'll have the chance to roll down to Hilton Head Island.

Big idea of the week; me and Mayboy conducting a Europtrip next summer. Mayboy is mad chilled out, one of the best kids I met at school. A Eurotrip will jumpstart his crazy side with sparkplugs made in Slovenia (we plan on stoppin by Ljubiana {sp.} on the advice of Michael Schactman) so he can be like the rest of us streetlight people livin just to find emotion.

Dedicato a quelli che fuggono,
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Subject:Mario Cuomo
Time:02:16 pm
I'm going to be opening a bar in the Fall. It will be my first experiment with legit, pseudo-entrepeneurial behavior. It's going to be called the Governor's Mansion, as a shout out to the good ole days in Pelham 207-E, that truncated golden age of malt liquor, franzia, chinchillas, and Will Dickinson. Even though the floor looked like a petri dish, people would still come from all corners of the Vern to knock back a few and make the best of being a shuttle-ride away from relevance.

In accordance with the Bar's name, I will be displaying a portrait of Mario Cuomo. Check out his speech to the 1984 Convention- it's up there with "I Have a Dream." Mario Cuomo is one of the best Americans ever, the first Paesan that ever had a paesan's chance of hell of bringing some heart to the White House. Could you imagine how pimp that would be to have an Italian in the White House? You'd save federal money because the White House cooking staff would be replaced by all the women in the Italian's family. Food would be mad good.

And it wouldn't be gay when he kissed foreign leaders, the way it was when fru fru Jimmy Carter smooched Brezhnev or even, dare I say, when W layed one on that communist Lieberman. It would be pimp, it would be "I know you did it, Putin, you broke my heart", and the mother fucker would know his ass was gettin whacked shortly after. Hahha just think of the Mafia being let loose in Pakistan. They'd have bin Laden's head on a plate mad soon.

There's talk about Giuliani being the first Italian President. But good luck to a philandering, New York ghini who supports abortion and has cross-dressed/lived with some silly boys. Republican primaries will chew that fake-ass Dago and spit him out, and well he deserves. The most recent Italian to run for the Senate was Mongiardo from Kentucky, and his Republican opponent got away with calling him a ghini and suggesting he looked like Sadaam Hussein's son. Alleged hard-ass and "America's Mayor (corniest political nickname in the country)" Rudy didn't say Jack shit. Didn't even drink Jack Daniels. Never insult the family.

Enough with the politics yo. This bar. I will need all the assistance I can get. If you are a GW student or a charitable soul and would like to contribute to the slush fund (donations of all size are welcome), I would be maaaaad grateful. All contributors will have their names written on the Wall of Fame, kind of like from Do The Right Thing. Except, there will be no riots in my bar. Understood? Im looking to have 2-3 bottles of each major type of liquor, and a degree of mixers for the Baby Momma's in the house. I already have a blender, and the paint and plywood won't be too expensive. Just let me know if you'll contribute, and you'll be forever remembered on the wall and in my never-fogettin head.

This livejournal bull shit is getting me going. Soon I am going to be able to write a lot of good things, which'll make me more of a real person. I get worried about that shit once in a blue moon you know? I watch Dazed and Confused, and you see that. It'd be so ill to live back then, those kids had mad fun. Except for the kids getting spanked by Ben Affleck. That'd be the most disgraceful experience. Ben Affleck is the WOOORRRSSST. Writing is good. If you didn't think so you wouldn't have one of these corny-ass websites and if America didn't think so all those fruitcake reporters on the CNN and El Fox News wouldn't be talking about blogs blogs BLOGS. That all hit me the same way as when they talk about this spam, internet spam. All the sudden people who don't know computers were talking about spam. I don't know anything about computers but it's hilarious when a bunch of spray-painted reporters drop a word a few times and all the sudden it's hot topic like whether or not Brittney Spears has implants. When people talk about pop culture it sounds like a language I almost understand, kind of like when they talk about Golf or Tennis.

Im outta here kids, gotta go food running so I can pay the bills and feed my children. This Saturday is ging to be pimp, Mike Tyson back in the ring. It'd be funny if he fought Renee Zelwegger.

TAKE IT EASY suckahs

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Subject:Back in action
Time:12:29 pm
Yo whattup everyone? It's Tucc and now since I'm bored with summer for a little while I'm going to write in this corny ass livejournal.

I know Im a trick ass mark for having one of these. BUT- if you can revel in the shittier side of who you are and be reasonably modest about the good part of yourself you'll probably get a good fortune cookie the next time you go out to eat pork-fried dog food.

I was out in Staten Island last night visitin my girl, Jenny. Jenny is the best; good at life, treats me right, and cares a good deal about her family. Staten Island is an ill place to the extent I've experience it; it's like Long Island but less corny and more down to Earth. Mayor Doucheberg said "I find Staten Island is more like the rest of America than the other boroughs"- always the punk-ass sycophant who gets booed in the Garden. But if he was wrong they wouldn't be building a Nascar track there. It's a mad funny place where women go grocery shoppin in chinchilla coats. I miss Gizmo, but some hippie animal type is taking good care of it in Utah. Thank God for those.

First year at college was the shit. I sum it up in GW talk but am trying to convey a foreign concept to a lot of GW types: optimism. I'm a Catholic, Democrat New Yorker and this year Bush whooped our ass, Hillary's on the fast track to making our party irrelevant for a long ass time, the fuckin Red Sox won the World Series, and this herb is our new Pope (JP II will always be a heroe of mine, there'll be an image of his likeness in my bar next year and in all the bars I oversee in my lifetime.) However, I'm more of an idealist now than I was a year ago, and an even better type too because I'm less arrogant, more open-minded, and more able to scrutinize the error of my own thinking and actions.

GW is a funny ass place and I like it for what it is. Overpriced? Yeaaaah. Overly-hyped as Jappy? For sure. I think that Rep comes from the GW students who are still in loser denial from some point in their lives and become fixated on/resent the GW glitteratti-wannabes for being good lookin and somewhat smart. Alls I know is that regardless of our share of marks, TKE Is the best place on campus. Even with the departure of some really solid good ole boys, I think we'll still retain the rough around the edges goodness. It better stay ill because I'm living in the House.

The year was insane. I'd say I'm more comfortable with myself, have enhanced my taste for adventure, and will never think of the City of Rome the same way again. Most people go to Rome to take pictures, stare at shit in awe, and buy a leather jacket. I walked around taking chianti to the face, threw down with some America-hatin Eurotrash, and had my leather jacket stolen by a Gypsy/Hospital Orderly.

Now summer's really starting. The weather is finally getting nice, I finally can step confidently off the pseudo-employed line (much love to the Rec but only the full-timers and custodians have real jobs there), and I'm finally starting to get over the shellshock of freshman year. I went through four roommates, realized what was what back home in New York, somehow got the chance to be with the best girl at that whole fuckin college, stumbled into a passible grasp of Arabic, pledged an awesome fraternity, got in touch with the Dean Moriarty inside, and generally grew up in a good way. Some really tough shit went down, above all being my loss of my old friend Anthony, but there's more to it all than the life we've got here.

Just remember, it's one spin around. If you reach too hard for the gold ring, you fall off. And if you do that, you'll make some pretentiously alienated kid named Caulfield in a red hunting hat even more miserable about his spoiled-ass inability to cope with life.

We love the all of you....

- Tucc

PS: Old Livejournal rules are null and void. But Im sure I'll still follow them most times.
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Time:10:13 pm
greek girls are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
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Current Music:"For the Best" Straylight Run
Time:10:43 pm
So lately I've been pretty good. hahah vacation ended in one of the best ways possible and all of you who know me decently should know why. On the Monday after vacation, I got to meet John Kerry, shake his hand and speak to him for about a minute. It was really cool and when I told my cleaning lady that I met him she told me I should be "un juez" when I get older.

Aside from that, having our class win battle was pretty boss. I'm not the school spirit kinda guy at this stage of the game, but I'm still really proud of Lacey Gianna and Amanda, and all of the seniors that have gotten it done the past three years. It helped keep me convinced that our grade is a genuinely extraordinary group of kids and that if we hold onto what's important to us but allow for a good deal of change and growth, that we'll all be at least capable of having successful and awesome lives.

Today was pretty quality as well, I went to the gym and then went to go see The Passion of the Christ with Sextified. I've gotta say that it was an amazing movie, that all of the controversy was undue (Gibson demonizes some Jews and Romans but also deifies some of them too, so it isn't fair to dismiss it as an Anti-Semitic rag.) However, there were some scenes, particularly the one with the Devil and that baby, wayy too campy for a flick about the death of Christ. But the bottom line; I reccomend it to anyone who has a stomach for some pretty nasty violence and who's interested in learning about one of the defining moments of history.

Reading Kundera's "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" and I've gotta say, I've been feeling pretty light but not really in a bad way. I do want a little something special with a special someone (hahah way to be a complete froccio about it, Tucc), but it's weird. I've been realizing that as of now I really don't know if I'll miss anyone next year. I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing, I have a good group of friends that I value a lot but even them, hahah I don't know. It's like Buck Cherry said, a change of pace could really do some good.

So it's now March. Under four months until graduation, about four until Anchor picks up again, and six from when we'll be in college. All I wanna do is enjoy the people that I might be missing next year, and just have a kick ass time.

Tonight's shout out goes to Lauren O'Reilly, because she fell on her ass at Battle and that's just a good thing. hahaha suckah, I'm just kidding. Lauren is one of the greatest girls I know and I don't know what I did to be so lucky as to have her as my prom date.

Take it easy, peaaaace
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Subject:On The Road
Time:02:21 pm
So this past weekend, I went up to Vermont for a weekend with some of my cousins. One of the best times ever.

I drove up with my cousin and his girlfriend, they're both awesome and were a lot of fun on the drive. We listened to the Blue Album, and in between telling crazy stories his girlfriend called me a fag for buying a hostess cupacake at a Mobil Station haha.

The rest of the weekend we all just took it easy, went hiking, cut down dead trees for firewood. I felt diesel like Tony Montanya when I took a chain saw to this huge dead tree. Me and my cousin Jimmy built a snow wall around where we had a bonfire later on that night, that fire was friggin huge and the embers from it burnt holes in all my clothes. It was good to spend some time with my family, family is the most important thing in my book, to catch up and tell them all about how insane my buddys are and how amazing my prom date is. It was also good to get away from Strong Island, a change of scenery is always a good thing, and I find when I'm away from Long Island my Jersey bashing skills get taken to a whole new level.

So far every vacation this year has been boss as hell, December break was great because of Christmas AND Italy and now February break has been awesome even if going to Vermont with my cousin's should be the high point. Having a real family brings on its own share of drama and even pain at times, but the bottom line is that there's no foundation and network like a solid family.

A bunch of my cousin's also gave me impout on the Italy idea, which I think I might wind up doing. Unless I really wind up loving Madison and Wisco, which is defintiely a possibility, I think I'll be heading out to Italy for my freshman year of college. When I think of the negatives for either choice the list for Italy is much shorter. For now, it's all about keeping an open mind, thinking of how to make next year as fun and adventurous as possible, and having a kick ass time with all of the people who I won't be around next year.

Laaattter kids, leave comments peeace
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Current Music:"solsbury hill" pete gabriel
Subject:ay ayyy grab your things, I've come to take you home
Time:10:56 pm
Whaattup everybody?

Today was a damn good day. School was a hassle as usual, but after school was quality. I had the congress meeting, then the exec board stayed after a while talking to roschelle. Something about what we discussed there made me realize that I really want to kick ass in college. I screwed around in high school, got by, but over the next four years I want to apply myself for real. Most people know how it is, you meet the person who seems pretty chill and then they smile at you and they go "Yeah, I'm going to ______ (insert random amazing college here)" and all you want to do is break their teeth. hahah Unless they get into Emory because Emory didn't reject anyone this year. For anyone who gets pissed about college, I highly reccomend Orange County. Hahah when we were in the airport at Chicago we encountered a South Asian lad who was wearing a New England Patriots tie and had a Gtown hat on. When he said he was going to the School of Foreign Service, I threw a brick at his head. hahah and gianni and paul called him Pucc for reasons I'll allow you to figure out.

Then I had the gangstah's bball game, he played nasty and the team won. It was awesome. And then after that I got some dinner at Tasty IV, the hostess was bangin and my prosciutto pizza was ill. After that I went to the senior varsity game, I only caught the last quarter but we owned the Mepham team and it was good to see everyone. Hahah there was a seriously awesome bunch there; Alex Palmieri, Cortazzo, McAvoy, Mednick, GC, Paul, and of course seeing Lauren O'reilly made it all worthwhile.

It's kind of a bummer that Wesley Clark dropped out of the race last night, but the bottom line is he'd probably be more useful stumping for Democrats throughout the South over the next few months. I signed up for Kerry's campaign, I think that it's really important that people get involved with this election, regardless of which side. Kerry's a good dude, I think he'd make an awesome President, and I hope Risa can swing getting us backstage convention tickets so I could meet him and the other Dem. bigwigs.

Tonight I was pinchin a loaf and reading last week's issue of Sports Illustrated, and they had this whole article that began with Tom Brady's reaction to winning the Super Bowl. It put shit into perspective, here you have this guy who's making millions of dollars a year, is the starting QB for the sickest team in the NFL, he's got a hot girlfriend and a good family and has lead his team to two championships in three years. But even then, he got all worked up at the parties, freaked out by the crowds and when someone gave him a drink he said something about how he hoped it was strong shit. They made it seem like he wasn't too happy with his life, and that shit makes you think that even if you get everything there'll still be stuff to be unhappy about, so for the likes of us it's all about your attitude. Haha I'm all heart; what can I say?

Today's shout out goes to Pauline (hahah I have yet to write abotu someone who isn't a live journal fag) she has a notorious affinity for dudes that work in Swedish furniture stores. But the bottom line is she's a good girl. She's also mad smart, and Amherst is a bunch of homos for not seeing that. She's a good friend and is very reliable. Hahaa when I was in tenth grade and had a crush on her, she and a bunch of people said they were going to take her picture naked in front of the Greek Family Town Restaurant in RVC, except she would cover her tits with a menu, and that they'd do it all for me. Thats quality right there.

Take it easy everyone, peaace
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Subject:rollin on
Time:03:02 pm
Current Mood:chillin
Hows it goin everybody? This past weekend was Chicago, the last wic trip ever. It was a good time.

No lies, I've been a Wic burn-out since about Brown of my junior year, sophmore year showed me how the wic kids could be tools AND jerks, but I gotta say that this year has been pretty decent. I think missing Harvard and all the emphasis placed on it was key.

Chicago was a pretty solid, I stayed in the room with Gianni, Paul, and Eugene, three good kids despite themselves. hahah they all kept telling me how I live on my own planet, something I took as a compliment.

The deal with Wic is that when you start as a freshman it's sensory overload because you get to miss two days of school to go visit a college and be surrounded by a group of kids who agree with you in the way that stuff going down in the world warrants discussion. Freshman year I had some good times with the older kids in Wic, Matt Purcell and Kevin Telford's parties are solid memories.

But then you kinda grow fed up with the same shit at every conference, the same kinds of topics and solutions, the same time having circa 400 guys every hour get up and speak in the most annoying effeminate voices, the kids from schools like Horace Mann and Chicago Lab that take themselves way too seriously and probably should because their parents are all Nobel Laureates and US Senators.

And ya knowww, it gets old and follows the classic high school paradigm where by the time the SATs come around Junior year you damn it to hell. But that doesn't mean that it didn't shape what high school was for me.

Next year, whether I wind up in DC, Madison, Rome, wherever, I will definitely not be doing anything like Model UN or Model Congress, but these things, despite their sporadic-to-persistent being a pain in the ass, have defined high school in a good way for me.

Aside from all this trite senior year gayness, life is going pretty well. I havent stayed put for too long but not in a good way, I need the vacation just to take it easy, roll with the bros, and have a good time. Hahah also the USA beat Honduras in the Olympic qualifying game for soccer and now we're going to destroy the Mexican team like we did at the World Cup (especially because the Mexicans were scumbags and cheered "Osama" during the Star Spangled Banner at the USA v. Canada Game last week.)

The good person of the day, that award goes to Giannnnni, because he's a funny dude and he could use the moral support what with his mother giving birth soon and everything.

Laaater succkahs, take it easy
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Current Music:"the decline" nofx
Subject:ground rules
Time:06:20 pm
here are some ground rules for my live journal:

1. No entry will be made after today without me being under the influence

2. All female visitors to my live journal will be described as sexual partners during my next routine checkup at Oceanside Pediatric

3. In every entry I will say something nice about someone because the people in my life are pretty friggin awesome

These are the rules, and with that, I would like to say Paul Karp, even though I annoy the hell out of him, is one of the smartest and funniest kids around and it was good to make him my first friend on livejournal.com.

Laaatter suckahs
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Current Music:"rush of blood to the head" coldplay
Subject:virginal entry
Time:06:06 pm
whatttup america???

yeah I'm a suckah what do you want from me. I won't write too regularly but when I do they'll be quality entries, I want to have one of those live journals where there's always good material.

Leave advice and all that. Laaater kids
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